Are You Using Your Branding On Social Media?

branding Sep 23, 2019

 Hey owners. I'm on today to talk about branding. A lot of the studios I know spend so much time on creating amazing logos, graphics, flyers and newsletters and all these things that we put so much time into. But are we keeping it consistent, are we keeping it simple? I am Jennifer Randall and I teach dance studio owners how to create word of mouth marketing on social media to increase engagement and enrollment.

Today, I'm going to go over branding. First of all, do you have any? Second of all, are you being consistent with your branding? and a third, are you using templates? I'm going to go over really quick why you should be using templates when you are putting together your branding every month. So when a parent or student or prospect comes to your website, comes through social media, comes into your building, are they going to see consistency? Is somebody scrolling on Facebook and Instagram instantly going to know that post came from your studio? They should. Here's the...

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