The NEW Word Of Mouth

Uncategorized May 29, 2019

How many people are seeing your business on a daily basis? Do you even know which advertising methods are working for you?


Walker by’s, drive by’s, mailers, value coupon books, there are so many and believe me I have tried them ALL!


I’m guessing you have too, which is why you are still reading!


Every small business owner knows that the best marketing is WORD OF MOUTH. Hands down every time.


For brick and mortar businesses it is all about getting people through the doors and nothing does that better than getting a referral from a friend.


That’s it, seems simple right? Well yes and no…


Everything evolves and as business owners we know that. From door hangers, to flyers at parades, to sites like Groupon and mass mailers. If you put any time into your business working on marketing you know how these things work for a while and then they fizzle out.


You know what never goes away… Word of Mouth. (It just looks a little different than it did 10 years ago)


So take a minute and wrap your head around this idea.


Social media marketing is the NEW word of mouth for local businesses (let it sink in, read it again if you need)


Here is why you NEED to be putting some effort into you your social media marketing;

  1. There are over 1 billion active users (on just Facebook) everyday.
  2. You can TAG your business and TAG people you know when posting.
  3. Customers share your business/what they purchased in their posts and TAG you!
  4. People love to see what everyone else is doing. It’s that Fear Of Missing Out.
  5. More and more people are using social media as a search engine. (like they would Google)
  6. People LOVE to use social media to ask for anything! Recommendations, opinions, solutions, even medical advice! (you know you have seen a post from someone asking for medical advice ;))


Honestly there are so many more, I could go on for a while. You know what’s next;


ACTION STEP - Take a day (or two) and really think about how you can start to post more about your business and get people to share it. Because once you embrace the fact that social media is the New Word Of Mouth, your business will be all the talk among your customers. Literally!


Keep it Simple! If you like quick, 3 minutes or less tips that you can do to bring your customers through your doors, head over to my Instagram @localsocialmediasavvy or my Facebook Group @localsocialmediasavvy

If you are ready to DIVE in go downloaded my "Your 3 Step Social Media Guide for Local Brick & Mortar Businesses" Go do it now! It has a great FREE social media monthly planner to get you moving!


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