Is That Really Your Ideal Client?

rants May 23, 2019

Buckle up because here comes another one of my rants.


I am what you call a workshop junkie. I love going to them, I love meeting other business owners, I love learning new marketing and trying to figure out how I was going to use it in my business.


So many times one of the classes, speakers, themes or exercises was, “How To Find Your Ideal Customer”.


Just like the good student I am, I would listen, do the exercise and go home with a worksheet completely filled out of who my IDEAL CLIENT was. Obviously on a workshop high I was so excited that I had finally cracked the code.


I would keep that momentum going for a couple weeks working on tweaking my marketing to match up with the very detailed person I created on that worksheet weeks ago. And then you guessed it… nothing happened.


It took me years to figure this next part out. (I’m giving it to you for free, no workshop fee required!)


WHO you THINK your ideal client is, doesn’t actually mean IS your ideal client. (re-read that 3 more times)


Here’s what I mean. When I started my business I had this vision in my head of me teaching pre-teens/teens how to do the most amazing choreography that was bouncing around in my head.


3 years in and I’m so confused as to why my teens program isn’t as big as my MUCH younger recreational program and why my marketing wasn’t bringing in these kids. After all, I was focusing all my marketing on teens and had this crystal clear picture of who my ideal client was. I mean I had a worksheets after worksheets and everything!


NEWSFLASH!!! It took me 3 years to figure out that my IDEAL CLIENT wasn’t the one in my head it was the ones who were ACTUALLY PAYING me!


Yep, I know super strange concept to understand (facepalm) but that was the day I let go of the beautiful ideal client I had created in my head so many times. And EMBRACED the very detailed (and paying) client right in front of me!


I’m telling you this story because right now every marketing guru out there is talking, teaching, preaching on how to get clear on your IDEAL CLIENT.


It’s okay for you to WALK AWAY from who you THINK your ideal client is and embrace who your ideal client ACTUALLY is for your business.


ACTION STEP - Take a long hard look at where 80% of your revenue is coming from. Chances are it’s coming from a small section of your customers. Once you identify who those customers are you have found your ideal client. Don’t overthink it!


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