Here I Am!

personal Apr 17, 2019

Hey Owners! 

I'm Jen and here's a little about me...

Since this is my first blog on my new site I thought I would take a hot minute to let you know a little bit about who I am and well... why I even have this site.

First the personal; I'm a mom of 3 kids (13 yr old girl & twin 11 yr olds (boy/girl)). I live in Sammamish, WA. I have a great partner (it's a man, just incase you were wondering, ha) and the most awesome dog (Lulu) ever. I can be super sarcastic and I get right to the point. 

I started a dance studio in my 20's when I moved from Iowa to Washington. Dance was my passion growing up and when I moved to WA I worked for other studios for a while and decided it was time for me to start my own. 

The first year I ended the session with 60 students and I grew the business from one dance room to 4, 2 music rooms, 400+ students and 12 staff in 15 years. It was for sure a business of love.

During the process of growing the studio I realized that I had a love for not just dance but for marketing. I have tried (and done) pretty much every type of marketing out there that is thrown at local brick & mortar businesses. 

It's funny, you would think the first thing I would miss the most when I sold the studio was the dance part...NOPE! It was the marketing, specifically the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING!

I realized that I enjoyed testing marketing and tweaking it and then tracking it and seeing what works and what doesn't! Who knew?!?!

So for the last 4 years I have been doing consulting with local businesses to work on all things social media marketing and how to increase their presence to bring customers into their doors.

That's a little about me and why I'm here!

If you haven't already check out my FREEBIE; Your 3 Step Social Media Guide for Local Brick & Mortar Businesses


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