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systems May 16, 2019

Do you get an icky feeling when a brick and mortar asks you for your email or phone number?


I have to admit that when I was running my business if felt weird asking people who just walked in for their email address.


I don’t know why it was, it shouldn’t have been. I mean they came into MY business so they were there on their own free will, it wasn’t like I dragged them in and made them give it to me.


But for some reason small businesses feel like asking for emails or phone numbers is a BIG no,no.


So let me tell you what happened… I was listening to a podcast, watching some video from a coach or any number of FB groups I was stalking and learning from and it was like the universe was aligning.


They were all talking about how important it is to get emails and numbers. Yes, it was going to feel weird, Yes some people are going to have a very quick NO but, just keep doing it.


Here’s the part where it gets good…. I started doing it and… THAT IS WHERE IT STOPPED. I collected emails and phone numbers and NEVER did anything with them - FOR YEARS!!!


I had absolutely NO idea what to do with these once I had them!


That is where the problem was… I had no system, I had no email service provider (ESP) to put them in, I had no follow systems, NOTHING!


AND this my friends is where most brick and mortar businesses fail. When you go into a nail salon and they don’t ask you for your email or phone? Have you ever picked up takeout and given them your phone number so they can identify the order? I’m betting your dry cleaner uses your phone number to look up your drop off/pick up items.


Have you ever received an email or text from them letting you know about any specials they are running? Or a Happy Holiday message? Or how about a “Thanks for Being a Great Customer” message asking you to share with a friend?


I’m betting that is a big FAT, NOPE.


There needs to be a plan/system. Doesn’t matter if you just want to do emails. Go find an ESP that you like and that is free up to a specific number of users so you can see if you like it. Find a program that you can put phone numbers into and send out text messages.


Once I started putting in all these emails and numbers into an ESP I would send out one email a week. Some of these people were current customers and some were not. And some emails were just bad. (by the time I finally realized I needed to be using them)


Guess WHAT?!?!


We had more people coming in!! Now it’s not rocket science. We had more people coming in because we were engaging with them, we made it harder for them to forget about us.


ACTION STEP - If you are not collecting emails START! If you already have some emails, find an ESP that you like and start plugging those emails and phone numbers in. If you have an ESP and already have emails/numbers then send out something to that list TODAY! Don’t overthink it, keep it simple, keep it short. You just want to make sure you are staying ENGAGED with your customers


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