Are You Using Your Branding On Social Media?

branding Sep 23, 2019

 Hey owners. I'm on today to talk about branding. A lot of the studios I know spend so much time on creating amazing logos, graphics, flyers and newsletters and all these things that we put so much time into. But are we keeping it consistent, are we keeping it simple? I am Jennifer Randall and I teach dance studio owners how to create word of mouth marketing on social media to increase engagement and enrollment.

Today, I'm going to go over branding. First of all, do you have any? Second of all, are you being consistent with your branding? and a third, are you using templates? I'm going to go over really quick why you should be using templates when you are putting together your branding every month. So when a parent or student or prospect comes to your website, comes through social media, comes into your building, are they going to see consistency? Is somebody scrolling on Facebook and Instagram instantly going to know that post came from your studio? They should. Here's the reason why.

Companies that have consistent branding get in the back of your head, right? Think of big name companies like McDonald's and Starbucks. You see green and you see the little logo and instantly think Starbucks whether or not it's Starbucks or not. That's what you're thinking. So when you're putting together your posts, your template, your newsletters, your flyers, keep it consistent. We want them to open up a newsletter when coming home from a class and instantly know it's from your studio. You want them to stop scrolling, because they know instantly it's from the studio. Things like having your branding colors in every post. So instead of just throwing a photo up there, and some some comments, you want to make sure that the photo has your logo on it, that it has a border that maybe has your colors connected to it. You want to keep it consistent, like said over and over again. You want to cut down on the time it takes you to be creative. We're creative people by nature, we're dancers, creators, we're choreographers, right? This is the one place in your business, you don't have to be super, super creative. Consistency is key. So now, your branding colors.

Make sure when you are putting things together or your office is putting things together, that they're using the same colors, they're using same colors over and over and over again, find a program that you absolutely love. Something that's super easy. I like using Canva, it's very, very easy. It's similar to using Photoshop, but I find it very user friendly. I can create a bunch of random things and throw things in and throw things out, download things and share things.

There are also tons of iPhone apps that will allow you to upload your logo to them, and then when you're ready to post something on social media, you can add your logo to that live video that your teacher took in class. You could add your logo to a photo that you want to post, you can create templates also like borders and create them in your branding colors so that when you're ready to post something on social media, or a newsletter or anywhere like that, you don't have to recreate the wheel.

So I usually say when you're thinking about branding, pick five to 10 templates that you absolutely love. And then start there, use them over and over again until you get completely tired of them. But start there. Pick your colors. If you don't have colors, make sure you're using certain colors that are going to make your appearance students stop scrolling and find out what you have to say. Okay, today, I am sending out a two day template freebie. But today, I'm going to send one out. So if you would like a template freebie, this one is coming from Canva, one of my favorite places. It's super easy to download. And this one is for news feeds. So you can take the template, you can download it, you put it into your Canva and all you have to do is upload a photo, you can keep the photo, you change the colors, change the font, anything you want.

The template is already done for you. You don't have to do any extra thinking you have to do any extra creating. You can grab it here. If you're always looking for new and exciting things on social media, some tips and tricks, make sure you check out my Facebook group for dance studio owners. We usually share on there at least a couple times a week. I try to post two to three tips a week that will make social media easy, quick and painless. The goal is to create engagement between your parents and your students, and so the more you are on top of things and the more that you can connect with them on social media, you're going to get seen by a lot more people than you would if you were doing regular marketing.

If you haven't already, head over to my website, and grab my social media guide for dance studios. It is a great place to start if you want to get going but you just don't know where to start. It will help you know where to post, when to post and how to get there. Alright everyone have a fantastic week and I will see you next week.


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