Another Inspirational Post?

rants Apr 30, 2019

Okay maybe I'm the only one who feels this way but enough already!


Lately a lot of my social media feed is full of inspirational post. I get that for a split second it makes people feel good but how it is helping me take any action?

Don't get me wrong I enjoy the occasional uplifting post. But I'm busy and I'm sure you are too so it gets me going when I see pages with THOUSANDS of followers and post after post is telling me how great I am, DUH I already know that.

The whole idea of following leader, coaches, teachers, etc on social media is to learn from them, to gain tools to make the business run like a well oiled machine!

(I do have to give some credit to a couple of leaders/coaches that I follow that do give great content but they are becoming few and far between.)

Sorry this isn't a long post today, I am on a rant and just needed to let it out. It is the last day of April so guess what, here is your;

ACTIONABLE STEP - Take 30 minutes and figure out what your social media plan for May is going to be and how you are going to break that down into 4 topics one for each week. If you haven't downloaded my "Your 3 Step Social Media Guide for Local Brick & Mortar Businesses" Go do it now! It has a great FREE social media monthly planner to get you moving!


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